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Designed to empower established entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, Knarley Charlie is a website design and brand consulting studio in Palm Springs, California. The studio is owned and operated by heart-centered entrepreneur, creative director, and full-stack designer Jason Holland.

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Recent Client Projects

  • Eastside Youth Forum
    Eastside Youth Forum
  • Cactus Research
    Cactus Research
  • Kelly Alexander Show
    Kelly Alexander Show
  • Bounty from the Box
  • Sanks & Associates, LLC
  • Boynton Tax Firm
    Boynton Tax Firm
  • Mark Hollenstein
  • The Willows Inn
  • Rebecca Ishida, MA, MFT
  • Lowe House Project
  • The MiniOne™ System
  • Marc Cartwright Headshots

Areas of Expertise

With almost 20 years of experience, I’ve developed a unique process designed to engage my clients through every step of the process. I take a unique approach to WordPress-powered websites by splitting the web development phase into two stages. It’s a basic principle – you wouldn’t decorate your house without a well thought strategy, well-built foundation and framework. So then, why would you do that with your website?

Brand Strategy

  • Research & Discovery
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Audience Engagement

Website Design

  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • User Experience Wireframes
  • Visual User Interface Design
  • WordPress CMS Training
  • Mobile-First Design
  • App Design

WordPress Web Dev

  • Front-End Development
  • WordPress CMS Themes
  • Responsive Sites
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Website Security & Optimization

Unique Process

Research + Discovery

Once properly introduced, our first goal is to listen and understand the goals and needs of your business. After some research and discovery, I’ll propose a solution intended to meet, or exceed, your expectations – with the intent of delivering on-time and on-budget. Then, we can decide whether we are a good fit.

Working Prototype Wireframes

User experience wireframes are the blueprints for the website – like those for a house created by architects. Before beginning the design process, I create a working prototype wireframe of the website, incorporate the base WordPress install, scripts, and plugins on a staging server.

WordPress CMS Training

Experience has taught me there is no reason to wait until visual design is finished to begin content. With a functioning prototype of your WordPress website built, we’ll train you to manage your content with the WordPress CMS (Content Management System).

Website Design

The bulk of my experience is visual user interface design for the web. Following modern standards and trends, especially for responsive, WordPress-powered website design is a critical component to my success. I design handcrafted user and mobile-friendly experiences.

Content Integration

As a full-stack designer, I also specialize in developing mobile-ready, WordPress-powered websites – leveraging the Bootstrap theme framework for optimized performance, security and optimization.


SEO + Content Writing

Great content is useless without a nuanced approach to search engine optimization (SEO). My SEO/content writer’s creative and advertising experience has made her uncommonly adept at seamlessly meshing marketing keywords and quality content for a wide range of industries.

What Do Knarley Clients Have To Say?

I had the pleasure of working with Jason to reconstruct and make my website innovate, creative and most importantly functional. Jason was an extremely great person to work with. I have had other people work on my website in the past and they never provided me with the individual attention and great customer service that Jason provided. He ensured everything was to my likings and provided individual training for myself and also took the time to answer any and all questions. The duration of recreating my website was very streamed lined and effective.

Kelly Boynton

Accountant + Owner, Boynton Tax Firm

As a branding professional, I have collaborated over the past few years with several vendors to create websites for my clients. These vendors include a very large and expensive agency as well as individual freelancers. I have found Jason to be hands-down the most reliable web designer I’ve ever worked with. In terms of design and aesthetic, he truly “gets” it, in no smart part because of his being a fine artist himself. When it comes to communication and follow-through, he excels. And–best of all–he actually does what he says he is going to do, on time and on budget without excuses, something that his industry peers all too often don’t.

Mi Ae Lipe

Writer + Owner, Bounty from the Box

Jason (a.k.a. Knarley Charlie) is the rock I stand on and the secret to my success! I have spent thousands of dollars on do-it-yourself courses, programs and trainings and never once was able to use any of it in a profitable way!  Then, I found Knarley Charlie! Jason knows his stuff and got me online in a way that accurately and beautifully tells my story and serves me in a professional way that truly resonates with those I seek to serve. Do whatever it takes to work with him and skyrocket your success today!

Mark Hollenstein

Success Coach + Spiritual Guide, Mark Hollenstein

We’ve worked with Knarley Charlie for years now, through several versions of our web site, and each one has received many complements from our guests. Jason went beyond just designing and coding this last time, to add functionality that allowed us to have more control than ever, eliminating the need for a third party resource. It’s now mobile friendly as well, which as anyone who’s paying attention knows, is critical today. Working with Jason is not only critical to our marketing efforts, it’s truly a pleasure to work with him as well. I can’t recommend Knarley Charlie highly enough.

Michael Curless

Owner + Innkeeper, The Willows Inn

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If you’re an established entrepreneur, thriving start-up or small business, and you’re ready to give your digital brand a boost, I want to hear from you!

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